Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday night

As usual I'm sitting at work killing time. Sure we've been working, but never consistantly.

Not much to say. That's why I haven't been posting.

We picked raspberries on Monday. By we I mean that Jake and Clara each picked about 10, and I picked 5lbs. They sat in the car. Atleast I had talked my friend in to going with me, so we had grownup time to chat.

This morning Clara's school participated in the Children's parade at the local art fair. Apparently it's a big deal, I'd never gone to the parade before. The kids had fun, but man they must have been tired by the time they made it back to the school. It really made me want to go to the fair, I was wishing I didn't have to rush off for work. Luckily it's open ALL weekend, so we'll be going on Sunday.

Pups is doing good. We've *kind of* named him little effer 2 (you were right Sarah). He's a little pooper sometimes. He still doesn't know his name is Dexter, but I think that's because the kids call him Dex, Dexi, Dexter, puppy, pooper, ect. It's probably a bit confusing for him.

We gotta give him a bath this weekend with shampoo (he gets sprayed down any time the kids are playing with the sprinkler), and scrub his crate out. He's not having any accidents in there, but I noticed last night that it totally smells like BO. Awesome. Especially because the location is our living room.

This getting home at midnight is really starting to wear on me. Anyone know of any jobs that are dayshift in my area that pay close to what I'm making? No? too bad.

Well off to do some more work, only 1.75 hours to go!

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