Monday, July 28, 2008

Already almost August?!?!?!

What the heck keeps happening to time? It's dissapearing!

Today I worked. I was only supposed to be working 730-noonish but ended up staying until amost 5pm. 1 person called in sick and another had a major family emergency (why Friday was not good) so I was "needed."

I did zero CT scans. The 2 schedule patients didn't show, which was fine because they both needed to take mucomyst because their creatinine was too high. So I had to cover x-ray. Started the day off with doing a barium enema at a site I don't normally work at (I was at our out patient clinic), with a different protocol. Looked like a huge jackass, but patient managed to hold it all in, so I was happy ;-) After that I was fairly steady for 2 hours, then dead until 4pm. Between 4 and when I left at 450pm I think I did a total of 6 exams....I was all sweaty. Blech.

I raced to the dacyare house to get Jake by 530. Made it with 4 minutes to spare. Then we came home and took care of puppy and Bailey, then left to head to the baseball game. We went to cheer on the local AA (or AAA?) team and the kids had fun. But it got really chilly once the sun went down, so we left right after the 7th inning stretch (the kids go down to the field to sing).

So I tried to teach myself to knit, I'm not good at all. We'll see if this is something I can continue. I'm kind of worried if its going to effect my carpal tunnel issues....

Well off to bed, the kids have vacation bible school in the morning, so I have to be up and ready earlier than normal on a day off..

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