Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sunny Saturday

It's supposed to be in the high 90's today, just gorgeous out. But I'm at work. That seems par for the course...

I took Clara to a birthday party before I came to work. It was in the party girls backyard. They had a HUGE bounce house and a little pool and sprinkler. I think the kids were gonna have alot of fun. I wish I could have stayed to chat, but nope. Off to work I went.

I bought 2 new books to read. Since I still have 70 to read before 12/31.... I bought Plain Truth by Piccoult, and The Year of Fog by Michelle Richmond. Both sad I'm sure. I have figured out that if I just read books like The Naked Earl, I'd reach my goal in no time. I finished that book yesterday here at work...Tho I did end up skimming some cuz I really couldn't stomach that much wishy washiness....

Tomorrow would be Gina's 40th birthday. We're going to have a little get together at my parents house with my aunts. We're having food that Gina liked. We decided on turkey sandwiches, strawberry pie, taco supremes from taco bell, nachos from her favorite mexican place, and fries from McD. Is that random enough?? We'll also be taking down the "smoking shelter" that was put up last summer when Gina couldn't get very far. It's basically just a tarp with a 2x4 frame anchored in buckets, ziptied to the deck. In other words, it looks simply stunning. uh. yeah. So down it will come.

There had been talk of going over to the cemetary, but we decided aginst it for a few reasons. It'd make a sad day even sadder. Cara, who really wanted to go, has to work so she couldn't go (the cemetery is 2 hours away). And we decided why go somewhere where Gina only went a hand ful of times to remember her, when we could spend the day where she spent alot of time (my parents house). I guess that what it comes down to. Gina isn't at the cemetery. I know that sounds callous and all, but she's not. And really I don't want to think too much about the fact that she was at one time my size, but at her funeral she was the size of a shoe box.

Alright, gotta work now. Fun fun.


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Di said...

I know this is a hard time for you? My thoughts are with you!

I think I would rather be at work where it is nice and cool. I am HOT!


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