Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday Monday

Today is my first day off during the week with no kids since the middle of March. I feel so lazy!

I'm catching up on TV, our DVR has been at 100% for the last few weeks, so I needed to get some watching in :-) Luckily CSI, CSI miami, and CSI NY are all on OnDemand, so no need to record them anymore. That frees up a TON of space!

I'm kind of pissed that I lost the last 3 episodes of the Riches, and some of Boston Legal. I'm hoping I can find them on the web somewhere, tho I'd rather watch them on the 50" TV instead of the little laptop...

I went scrapbooking all, I got 18 pages done plus a little crown wall hanging for Clara's room. It only took about 10 minutes to make. Clara loves it :-) I wish I had a cricut expression to use all the time!

I know I still haven't posted pics from Disneyland, but you can check out some of them over on

I received some compliments at work last week, and those made me feel better. I still get nervous thinking about the first time I'll have to do a PE study solo, but I'm guessing that will just go away with experience. It's so different with CT than X-ray. You screw up an x-ray and you only have to retake the picture. Fuck up a CT with contrast and you are screwed.

Holy Fucking shit. Sorry for the cussing but I just finished watching the season finale of CSI and I was shocked. I knew he shouldn't have rolled down his window. I'm going to cry now.

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