Friday, January 04, 2008


Yawn. I'm tired already and it's only 823pm. I'm breaking my resolutions already, as I sit here on the couch while Clara does gymnastics on the floor at my feet. Tom is playing Rock Band and Clara is having a dance party to go with it. Jake is just being his normal crazy self.

I started watching Big Love. I really like it. It makes me giggle because I feel bad for Bill Paxton's character having to put up with 3 wives. Parts of it are unbelievable, like how a "normal family" all the sudden changes to a polygamist one just because the wife gets cancer. And the fact that she didn't have a fucking break down because her she is fighting cancer and whammo her husband wants a new wife... I only watched the first 4 episodes at for free over the last few days. I have the rest on my blockbuster list.

Tomorrow we are going to Wunderland. Those of you who don't happen to live in Oregon, or didn't have the privilage of knowing me while growing up, probably haven't heard of it. Back in the day me and my siblings were big Wunderland stars. My dad did their commercials so we always got to be in them. It's a big video game arcade that cost like $2 to get in, and all the games use nickles. It's pretty fun. It's loud tho, and after about 20 minutes I'll be ready to go. Jake will have a blast though.

That's about all the excitement we'll be able to handle tomorrow. So much fun. That and trying not to be blown away in the wind.

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Chelle Y. said...

Wunderland sounds like fun, but I go crazy after being at Chuck E. Cheese after awhile. I do not think I could stand that. LOL!


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