Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Thank you

To cat herder for guessing the song. Makes me feel much better now :) I *might* download the album from itunes. I haven't decided yet. I've had the song stuck in my head since last night. But that means I DO NOT have that Chance song by Abba stuck in my head. Which had been stuck for like a week due to Here Comes Treble singing it on the Office (which was hilarious by the way).

I am so excited for next week. I have to work Thursday morning (the 1st) but then I'm leaving to drive up to Seattle for a scrapbooking convention and I'm attending a scrapbooking crop at the same time. So I'll take a few classes and do some shopping, but I'll mainly be scrapping--from 7am Friday until 2pm Sunday. YAY :) Then I get back on Sunday evening, work Monday and Tuesday, then kiddos and I leave for Florida for 6 days. I wish Tom was going, but I think we'll have some fun with out him. And I know he's looking forward to a break, I just don't think he wants us gone that long.

Well I'm gonna go lay in bed and try to fall asleep. For some reason I'm all perky right now....

1 comment:

Chelle Y. said...

Have fun! I am so behind in scrapbooking!


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