Thursday, June 14, 2007

Its official

I have a job. Still don't have all of the specifics due to the reasons I'll be working there, but looks like I'll start the 27th. That way I'm able to give 2 weeks notice to my current hospitals and the clinic. It's not an official 2 weeks notice as I'll still be working there, but it'll be blocking off my schedule for the 4 days a week.

It also looks like we'll be signing papers for our house either tomorrow or next Monday or maybe Tuesday. We were hoping to move next weekend, but unless we can sign tomorrow, that won't happen. So I'll get to balance starting a new job with moving. Awesome. Tom's not looking forward to moving alone, but if he has to, he will. He's being suprisingly understanding, but he really just wants me to get a job ;)

Today is Jacob's kindergarten graduation. I can't find the fucking charger for my digital camera so I'm going to have to buy a disposable camera to take pics. Yay. It's pissing me off. We'll video tape too :)

Well I'm gonna sleep for a couple of hours before the graduation so I won't have to spend all afternoon and this evening sleeping.


Chelle said...

Congratulations on the new job and hopefully, we can say the same about the new house! Yay!

Can't wait to see pictures of the graduation! Boy, don't they grow up quickly?

Cat Herder said...

Congrats Mary and Congrats Jake!!

Di said...

great. I think you are just trying to get out of moving (ha ha I would!) That is SUPER! Just remember to take it easy, relax and breathe!

ArizonaDB said...


Congrats on the new job!! I bet it will be nice worrying about your work schedule at one facility instead of 3!! Cant wait to hear about the new house too. My wife and I cant wait for me to finish school so we can finally get our first real home! Apt living sucks ass sometimes....well most of the time.

Congrats to your little guy too. I wish i would have gotten a graduation ceremony when i finished kindergarten. oh well.

Have a great weekend.

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