Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Middlesex is Oprah's new book club book. Some people may be unhappy about this choice, those that don't like things sole-y because they are popular, but it is a very good book. Mama tulip recommended it to me, and I'll recommend it to anyone, it is a very good book.

I just watched Catch and Release (made me cry, it was a sad movie--I didn't expect that--so I didn't know what it was about ;), and then the Holiday. I still have Thank You for Smoking (which I've seen and enjoyed before).

I was actually going to attempt to sleep tonight, but then about 330am I got a call asking me to call in someone in an hour. Well shit I was going to sleep from like 4-6:30 and that screwed my plans up. Damn.

Now I have to just sit her for the next 83 minutes with nothing to do except try to stay awake during my 3rd movie of the day. Er night.

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Chelle said...

I want to read it. Mama T told me it was good too.


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