Friday, May 25, 2007


Okay I know it was only a few months ago and I was still a student. But I'm not now. I'm a tech. So if you happen to be a student, especially one who has a whopping 7 weeks of being at a hospital, do not tell me it's my turn to do the x-ray. Seriously. This happened yesterday, and I'm still pissed off. The girl who did it someone who comes across as very argumentative and a know it all. And I don't really care if she finished an x-ray 10 minutes earlier, and I finished one 15 minutes earlier. It's still her fucking turn. UGH.

And then to make it even *better* we get a "trauma" and the patient needed a shoulder, wrist, hand and 2 view chest done. I told her to wait until I was finished with my current patient to start, but she didn't listen. She's going to sit this poor person up to do the chest xray when I walked in. I was soooo fucking pissed. Turns out the patient had a very badly broken humerus and if I hadn't walked in, she very well could have damaged his muscle and nerve tissue. Then she still had the gall to question what I was telling her to do.

I know I don't know everything. Far far far far from it. But I know what's important to find out first and foremost, and I know the order to do stuff in. And regardless of my "newbie" status, I'm a fucking tech so listen to what I fucking say.

Okay done ranting. Just needed to get it out. I am soooo glad I have 3 days off. I don't know the last time I had 3 days off, let alone 2 in a row. Plus my sister and nephew get here from DC tomorrow and we're having a BBQ for Jake on Sunday. Fun times!


Kimmykay said...

Oooo, i would be pissed!! Have you seen Shrek 3 yet? My favorite phrase now is "Oh, NO you didn't!" (shrek is funnier with the accent, LOL). Sounds like you may have to open a can of whoop ass on her!

Di said...

Ooooh I am burning for you! Things can only get better, right?


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