Thursday, April 19, 2007

The letter F

10 things I love that start with F

1.) fruit, especially berries
2.) friends, even though I've been a shitty one lately....too wrapped up in my own drama. I apologize.
3.) freedom
4.) feeling that little flutter--like you know you might get some, but not sure. it's still total anticipation
5.) funny movies--way too much serious stuff happening these days, I need me some funny
6.) free stuff--I love winning prizes, right now I have to find 10 pics for the main class teacher at my scrapbooking store, I won a 2 page layout that she'll make for me. :)
7.) family--this goes without saying
8.) fast forward--sorry dad, but I hate commercials (FYI my dad makes TV commercials for a living)
9.) frappicinos from starbucks--I never get them because once I have ONE, I crave them..UGH
10.) fresh air. I love spring and getting to spend time outside when it seems so clean

10 things I hate

1.) freaks. why would any one do what that guy (I refuse to use his name) did at VT? :-(
2.) frankfurters. I actually like hotdogs, but I can't eat them anymore. They make me burp and burp and have horrible heart burn...
3.) fighting--I can't handle listening to my kids bicker about stupid shit anymore. I don't care who touched the car first, or who dropped the chip on the floor. GET OVER IT. UGH
4.) fleas--so far none have shown up, but it's still early spring. The animals are all flea medicated up though.
5.) flakes. I have psoriasis. one little spot is on the back of my head and it always itches. Then I get flakes. It sucks big time.
6.) fast food. It's a love/hate relationship. I'd rather it didn't exist.
7.) flying. again a love/hate relationship. I used to love it, but since having kids I get soooo nervous and anxious. I always worry something will happen and it'll be my fault for taking the kids on vacation...
8.) feeling sick. Goddamn strep throat. I can't freaking breath
9.) being fat. I know, my bad. my self doing. but I still hate it.
10.) fecal material. I don't know how CNA's do their job, I couldn't manage cleaning people up and helping them shit on a daily basis.

Sorry if these aren't very inspired. I'm tired. And my throat hurts. And I'm killing time when I should be picking up the kids from school. But I picked them up early yesterday and all they did was bicker. It sucked ass. I can't yell, so it just made my head pound even more.

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Ramblings from an Old Woman that lived in a shoe. said...

I am so sorry you have strep throat. Ellie's Mommie had it this winter, got over it and got it again. ALL WHILE PREGO.



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