Sunday, March 25, 2007

Late Late Late

1.) How do you handle so much nice weather? Starting to get jealous of you Cali people.

2.) How do you make time for all of your kids, while working full time? It seems like you have endless time/energy.

3.) If you could only watch 1 TV show for the rest of this season, which would it be?

4.) Do you sleep with your feet under the covers or outside?

5.) If you could change 1 thing about yourself, what would you change and why?

1.) If you could choose, how many kids would you and Peter have?

2.) Would you rather be a SAHM or head back to school/work outside the home?

3.) Favorite "weird" food since you only like plain things....

4.) Sex, better now, or pre-kids?

5.) Biggest insecurity?

Agent M:
1.) Are you overall glad you went back to working outside of the home?

2.) Your favorite thing about each kiddo is:

3.) How are things going with the special diet for Q? Getting the hang of cooking differntly?

4.) What is one thing that you absolutely can't stand about living in Texas? (vs cali?)

5.) What would you do/feel like if you found out you were pregnant?

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G said...

hey mary, don't forget to answer the questions i put up for you at my blog :0


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