Thursday, February 22, 2007


I just feel blah.

I'm sure it's stress related with school and the work thing and all that, but it's a bummer. Here are some bullet points:

  • They are finally fully training me to do VCUG's at the hospital, but they are ALSO training 2 ultrasound techs to do it. I don't know why it bugs me so much, but it does. I think it's because if they would have given me that fucking job, this wouldn't even be an issue.
  • a couple of people have been acting *weird* since I had a problem with someone a couple of weeks ago. I can't remember if I posted about it here or not, but this guy wouldn't shut up saying shit like sniff my shorts, and give it a lick you'll get a little treat while I was in the middle of doing an exam on a patient(I was in our common area right out side the exam room with the door open). He wasn't receptive to me telling him to knock it off, so I went to my supervisor. They made me turn in a written statement, and things are fine now between me and this guy, but someone else is treating me very differently. And not the person I'd expect to do that. It makes me sad.
  • So far I've gotten 90% (patient care) 78% (procedures) 68% (protection) and 66% (production). Sucking ass. Tomorrow I'll take a quiz on Equipment and maintanence. I usually score in the 70's, but damn. I'm supposed to be averaging 80% or better.
  • I applied for a grave yard Friday/Saturday night position. It's within the hospital system I work at, but at different hospital. I don't really WANT the job, but I figure it makes me look good to apply. Plus if the *big boss* doesn't want me to have that job, she won't approve it. She oversees the hospital I'm at, plus the one the job is at....
  • I'm always tired in the morning, even when I go to bed early. Tomorrow I'll be tired, but that's because I'm staying up too late....
  • I still can't stop thinking about the guy who died. It's so fucked up. It doesn't change me or my life, but I can't stop thinking about his 2 young boys. I think I'm overly sensitive in general.
  • I called the billing office at this large doctors office at 450pm. The message on the phone said they were open from 8am-5pm, please call back during business hours. I almost threw my phone thru my windshield I was so fucking mad.
I think that's enough pissiness for one night...

thanks to my thankful readers for putting up with my inadequete posting or responding. I promise things will get better soon. Or as my dad says "It'll feel better when it stops hurting...."


Di said...

Hey everyone gets stressed out. I don't know what I would have done without my blog when my dad passed away. It is a great way to vent and no one gets hurt. Hang in there, you will find the job you want and maybe your sleep will catch up with you!

Dawn said...

*HUGGS* I feel your pain. Stress just sucks. Want to go out for drinks on Friday after clinical???? Okay...may be too far to drive but I'm thinking about you and wishing you "happy" thoughts.

Chelle Y. said...



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