Saturday, September 09, 2006

I think my brain is rotting

Or something.

I was planning on attending a scrapbook retreat the last weekend this month. Like the 29th thru the 1st. Yeah it's actually the 22nd thru the 24th. Atleast my parents will be home that weekend, so babysitting isn't as big of a deal. But geez. I suck. I also had to cancel a shift I was going to work on the 23rd with Stacy. That would have been a lot of fun! Oh well. Maybe next time.

Now I'm in a scramble to get some of my scrapping shit together so I can actually get some stuff done. I sorted some pictures out a few nights ago, but now I have to try to match them up to paper and embellishments. I have WAY too much stuff to take it all with makes me wince to look at my storage corner. It's over flowing.

Today we're going to a birthday party from one of the kids at the old daycare. Clara is really excited, it's her best friend Elias. Tonight we're having beef strogonoff. I love beef strogonoff. We grilled some steaks last night, and the left overs will be what we're using. My mouth is watering just htinking about it. Maybe I should eat breakfast, well lunch at this point...

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Chelle Y. said...

I need to get caught up on my scraping booking stuff. I have to order pictures, then I can start working on it again.

Have fun!


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