Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fun stuff

So far the weekend hasn't gone exactly as planned, but it hasn't been horrible.

Friday night I was kind of on call. Luckily I didn't have to go back down to work. We got some stuff done around the house instead.

Yesterday Tom cleared off the top bunk so Jake could sleep up there.

I got a new scrapbook paper organizer from Costco, so I spent a long time sorting all of my papers and kits. I have way too much paper.

Last night we went to a baseball game, the last one of the season for us. The kids had fun, and we actually stayed for the whole game! Jake pestered the guy sitting in front of us, who was in some way associated with the Volcanos (he was videotaping all the batting for them). The guy was getting a kick out of it, and gave Jake a baseball that had been a "homerun" during batting practice before the game. He was very impressed.

Clara and I almost died from a foul ball. If we had been in the row in front of us, I don't think I could have gotten her out of the way. Instead we just got the shit scared out of us. You know that feeling sucks. When you know you need to move, but there is no where to go. My friend Jamie just ducked and covered. Good thing it didn't hit her either. hehehe

Today we are going to either the childrens museum or the zoo. It's supposed to be really hot, so we're leaning towards the museum. Then we're going to see the inlaws.

Tomorrow we're BBQing at my parents house and getting everything ready for school on Tuesday.

Tom and I tried to see Little Miss Sunshine TWICE. The first time it was sold out, and the second we forgot the damn theater doesn't take debit/credit cards. and we of course had no cash or checks...great.

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