Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Why I don't like the midwest

  1. It's too humid. Me no likey instant sweat when I walk outside.

Really only one item on my list. Everything else that is annoying me/pissing me off isn't necessarily midwest specific ;)

I was really happy to see the kiddos, but damn they both have an attitude! Clara got 3 time outs and a spaking in about 4 hours. She did take a nice nap though, and since she woke up she has been fine.

Well I'd better go sit by the pool some more. I don't really trust anyone else...


Susan said...

Funny how being with others besides parents can change a kids attitude. Glad Clara woke up and has been behaving better. Enjoy relaxing by the pool.

Pink Rocket said...

glad you made it safely! they get spoiled rotten by others then it takes days to undo it all! ugh!

Chelle Y. said...

Have a fun time relaxing, and getting your kids back to normal! Haha!

Di said...

I NEVER trust anyone else watching my kids by water. Doesn't matter who, if it isn't me, I am worried!

Mary said...

Things are more normal today. Jake just spent an hour learning how to doggy paddle with a life jacket on, courtsey of my dad.

We're leaving in a few hours for 'family camp' in the middle of nowhere. I can hardly wait. Not.

Emily said...

Ooo....family camp...(shudder)

LOL Have fun(or as much as you can).

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