Sunday, June 04, 2006

Not the greatest week

  • First the whole deal with my hands.
  • Then the bitter sweet birthday of my little man.
  • I think it was on Tuesday, a baby died on the way to the hospital. Luckily no x-rays were needed, they think it was SIDS as the baby was only 6 weeks old. The parents were in the ER for a good 3 or 4 hours, so the mood was very somber.
  • Tom and I got in a stupid fight on Thursday
  • Had the last day of my radiation protection class. Gonna miss Dave, he's a great teacher!
  • I some how fucked up the money situation. sigh.
  • I just realized I forgot to ask my grandma for the daycare money for this month. She's leaving tomorrow AM. I have no idea at what time. If I can't get it from her tomorrow (via my dad), then it'll be atleast Friday before I get. It's due on Monday.
  • I've have stomach pain for 2 days now. Started near my liver, so I was thinking gallbladder, but it doesn't hurt any worse if I eat fatty foods. Now it's just in the middle, right under my ribs. Being a hypochondriac, I know I must have a tumor or obstruction or something...
  • My hands are numb for the first few hours after I wake up. Im guessing I still have swelling that is irritating my carpal tunnel.

Enough bitching, I'm off to bed.


Pink Rocket said...

aww! sorry it's been sucky! hey i f'd up the money too! real I wrote a check for over $1000 and crossed my fingers that it wouldn't clear until after payday! nope. it cleared right before the damn paycheck hit the bank making us negative good thing we had savings money but still! that was the second time that week that i had done that!

EE said...

Hey Mary....sorry you didn't have such a great wk. :(

You are a much, MUCH stronger person than I am...the baby dying....

Happy belated bday to your little guy!

Tink said...

Oh girl. That was one gut wrenching problem after the other. I hope it all gets better.


Chelle Y. said...

Hoping this week will be better for you!


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