Saturday, June 10, 2006

Grass Seed capital of the world

Not Salem, but Linn county. It's kicking my ass, all that fucking pollen. I think being at the hospital, in a highly filtered building, helps. Because right now I'm getting my ass kicked. My eyes itch so badly, and I can't stop sneezing. It seems like Claritin doesn't even touch it. Ugh.

My sister needs happy thoughts. She's been preliminarily diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She turns 38 this month, has a 5 yr old daughter, and lives in England. So happy thoughts for her, and hoping that the Dr is wrong. Her name is Gina, btw.

Here is a picture from a couple of months ago of my Claraboo, and my Tommy.

I can't believe my chickie pie Clara turns 3 next Saturday. She's my BAYBEEEEE. And she's growing up so quickly. She kind of disturbs me sometimes though. Last night she was cutting up a sheet of paper, and each time she snipped she said "Die, Die Die". I asked her 'who are you dying'. She told me the paper. I didn't want to ask who she was killing because it was too weird....Isn't she cool? Damn cartoon network and they stupid ghost shows/grim reaper shows.

Tom and I saw Thank You for Smoking. It was pretty funny. Though we were sitting between the 2 loudest people in the theater. They were laughing SO LOUDLY that 1/2 the time we missed the line after the funny line. Kind of annoying. Not sure if I'll be up for watching it again on DVD though.


Di said...

Oh my gosh. My prayers and thoughts to your sister. I am sure her little one will keep her fighting.

Pink Rocket said...

big time thoughts and prayers to your sister!

3! wow!! she's a cutie!! i got rid of the TV for that same reason! jerrett kept saying things like i'm going to kill you, hurt you, thanks to cartoon network, let me tell ya! ugh! and the word stupid! i hate that word! he used it all the time! now without TV i can monitor the movies he watches more closely. no madasgascar! that movie was filled with stuff a kid shouldn't hear or see!

Tink said...

I love how he's so serious looking and she's grinning!

Mary said...

Yeah tink...Tom doesn't smile. he doesn't like his teeth....So that's as close to a smile as you're gonna ever get...

thanks for the prayers for my sister. I'll find out more tomorrow (hopefully).


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