Sunday, April 02, 2006


I really wish tomorrow wasn't Monday. The weekend went by WAY too quickly. My sister got in late Wednesday, and leave Tuesday morning. I feel like I've barely seen her at all. Or Mr William either.

Tomorrow I have class from 830-4. If there was some way I could call in, I would. Tomorrow night we're having a BBQ at my parents house, which my dad came out and suggested we plan on NOT spending the whole evening there, as Jake and Clara can be attention hogs. Well what if I want to fucking hang out with my sister? I only saw her Thursday evening, briefly on Friday, and then at church and lunch today. THAT'S IT. ugh.

On a funny note almost EVERY story my sister has told me about her residency has started with "I did this (,,,,,,,,) to some guy, and a few hours later he died." hmmmm. But she swears the deaths weren't HER fault. Only one was, and it wasn't entirely her fault, and the guy would have died in the next couple of days. That's the onyl one she doesn't talk about.

Well I gotta hit the sack, it's already almost midnight and I have to be up at 6. I HATE the morning, and I hate Monday mornings the most.


Chelle Y. said...

You and your sister both in the medical field? You all must be brains! :o)

Tink said...

Wow. Medical genes. :)

Mary said...

I must not have bragged about my sister enough yet--the only other 'normal' kid ;) She's in the first year of her residency to be an anesthesiologist (I can't spell).

The first year is just general medicine, so she's been doing normal hospital stuff--she's REALLY looking forward to July cuz then it'll be surgeries.

Mary said...

Oh and Sarah is the smart one. Never has to study ect. Made medical school look like a piece of cake. She's also the skinny one...darn her ;)

thanks for thinkin' we're smart :)

Carrie said...

Wonder Smart Sisters...activate!

Hope you get to see her more before she leaves!!

Emily said...

Well...if it helps you are our favorite in your medical family...LOL



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