Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I'm quite surpised. Clara went to sleep in her own bed virtually alone. She had been laying with Tom, but screaming bloody murder. I went in there and reminded her she could sleep in her bed. That's all it took, I laid her down, tucked her in, and walked out. About 5 mins later she called for me to turn the lights off.

Jake will be a bit more of a challenge. I told him I'd lay with him and rub his back. The Little Einstiens are almost over, then it's time to try. Hopefully we won't wake Clara up in the process, seeing as they share a room and she's a light sleeper.

My grades ended up being:
  • Pharmacology- A
  • Radio-Biology- A
  • Equip & maint.- B
  • Positioning III- B
  • Positioning IV- B
Exactly what I expected, considering I got 78ish% on both positioning practicals, and I must not have gotten atleast 90% on the E&M final (which was HARD).

We were informed of a $2100 scholarship for health study students who are 'older than average, took atleast 1 year off, and have financial hardships' which happens to describe me perfectly ;) I guess they had a shortage of applicants this year, and they have 10 to give, so that is one of the things I have to get done tomorrow. Writing an essay. Blech.


Susan said...

Great job on your grades. Good luck with the scholarship.

Chelle Y. said...

Those are great grades! Good for you!

Good luck on the essay!

Emily said...

Ooo Good luck on the essay, hun!!

Denise said...

Good luck with the scholarship! WTG on the grades!

Carrie said...

Great job, smarty pants! Good luck on the scholarship!


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