Wednesday, February 15, 2006

She TWO people!

Clara: I have a boyfriend

me: did you just say you have a boyfriend?

Clara: yeah at school, I don't know his name

me: *shocked silence*

Clara:...and he says bad words to me

me: *sputters out* what bad words does he say sweetie

Clara: He says he doesn't like purple and pink. *giggles*


Chelle Y. said...

Phew! I like those kind of bad words! :o)

My son was getting married at that age!

Pink Rocket said...

how cute!!!

Tink said...

*Wipes sweat from brow* That was close... What a cutie. Tell her to stick with boyfriends that use bad words like that.

Mary said...

Well and now I know why she's always saying Jake says bad words. He says I don't want to watch TV, or I don't like pink, or leave me alone.

Those are ALL bad words to Clara.... :)


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