Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sap sap sap

I'm not digging the bomb plot, but I have tears flowing thanks to George and the way he stepped up and helped DR Bailey. Granted Grey's Anatomy won't be over for another 20 minutes, so I'll add more then.

So yeah I just pretty much cried the rest of the 20 mins. Suprised? Probably shouldn't be...Atleast I was able to spot the fact that the bomb was gonna kill that guy, so I watched it in a slow fast forward w/no sound so I wouldn't get suprised--I hate being suprised.

I had a great weekend! My roommate was awesome (I didn't know her before Friday) and the other 3 ladies that sat at our group of tables were really cool. Kind of odd, one of the vendors that I sat next too looks like she could be Jenna Fischer's (Pam Bessley on The Office) twin sister. Monica even had the same personality Pam has on the show-a real dry sense of humor, just a really cool chickie.

I felt pretty crappy Saturday morning, and after lunch I went and slept for close to 3 hours. Woke up feeling even crappier, but after an hour or two, I started to feel better. I ended up getting 16 pages done, plus a mini book for my dad. I also did 2 more layouts, but I don't have pictures for them yet. It was alot of fun, and I can't wait to go to another--looks like the 5 of us at the table are all going to try to go to a retreat in September--I can't wait!!


Chelle Y. said...

That's great! I still have to do Christmas pictures, then I'll be caught up again. I have great stickers and layouts, but I cannot get motivated to do it. Maybe I need a retreat. :o)

Mary said...

Um yeah I'm not caught up, by any means. I don't scrap in order, I just do what I want, so I have pages done from birth, up to 2 weeks ago.

You should try going to a retreat or an all day crop, its fun!

Susan said...

Glad you had fun and got a lot done.

Grey's Anatomy was great...I heart George!

Tink said...

I totally cried like a baby at Grey's Anatomy. Call me naive, but I didn't expect the bomb to blow. God I love George though. Screw chasing Dr. McDreamy. I'd be all over George. :)


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