Friday, February 10, 2006

midterms are over!


Today's Equipment and Maintance midterm ended up being trival pursuit covering 6 different topics. I won our group!! YAY! :) Got me a whopping 5 extra credit points ;)

My practical today went well. I did have 1 film thrown out (-12.5 out of 200!) for choosing a regular cassette for a shot of the ankle. Other than that, I only lost 9 points. And probably 3 or 4 for missed anatomy--it was hard. Damn head. Over all I think I got around 88ish percent :)

Now I'm just cleaning up the living room and heading to Eugene for (IMO) a well deserved scrapbooking weekend ;)


Chelle Y. said...

Congratulations on finishing your mid-terms!

I love scrapbooking too! I just spent over $50 on stickers. Don't tell my husband! :o) Have fun!

Kim said...

Have fun scrapbooking this weekend!

Carrie said...

You go girl! (doing my best "stir the beans" dance for

Maybe you can xray this retarded shoulder of mine...or snap it back into place...whichever.

Have fun scrappin'!

Emily said...

WOOHOO! Have fun scrapbooking! You deserve the break!

mama_tulip said...

Congrats and have fun!

Mary said...

Thanks guys--I had a great time!!

Carrie-my sister wants me to xray her foot to see if she has a stress fracture. I told her I DID want to actually say get licensed at some point, so doing something illegal now might not be the best idea... ;) I do hope your sholder starts to feel better!


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