Sunday, February 05, 2006

I feel sad inside

No, not because the Steelers won, but because TNT cancelled Wanted. I LOVED Wanted. It was a show Tom and I watched every week together. Makes me wanna cry.

I'm also sad because the stupid ipod video only has 2 hours of vide playback. That sucks ass when I'm spending 8 hours traveling home tomorrow, and I still have like 14 episodes of Lost season 1 to watch....fuck.

I haven't left my sisters apartment today, other than going down to the laundry room to switch stuff over. I is lazy. I have been doing alot of homework/studying, in addition to watching Lost, but not enough...

Our plane doesn't land tomorrow night until 10:45pm, we'll get home 12:30ish, and I have a midterm over the fucking skull on Tuesday at 9am, meaning I'll have to get up by 7am to leave by 8am and take both kids to daycare.

Clara hasn't been feeling well since Thursday night. Fever, stuffy nose, just all over feeling crappy. She's spending tomorrow with my mom instead of going to daycare, but I really hope she's feeling better by Tuesday, since I can't miss my midterm.

I have heartburn from this kickass chili that Dacian made for his superbowl party that I ate too much off. But it was so yummy, and pretty healthy since he used lowfat ground turkey instead of beef.

I won't be able to get comfy in bed when I head there shortly. I dunno what the deal is, I think because it's only a full and I'm sharing with Jake, plus there is no wall for me to sleep upagainst, like at home. Darn those fancy pants people who try to make their sleeping quarters pleasing and just a bedframe, not just box spring and mattress....

After all the aboved list, I'm still sad about Wanted. Sigh. I love Lee Tergesen. My Tobias Beecher. :(


mama_tulip said...

I hate it when shows I really like get cancelled. I'm still sore they cancelled "Arrested Development".

Hope Clara is feeling better soon!

Tink said...

Poor girl. You sound like 10 shades of blue. I hope Clara feels better. I hope you have a safe trip. I hope the school work turns out to be a breeze.

Chelle Y. said...

Yeah, it's a big pain in the butt when they cancel a show you love! They did that to me this season already.

Mary said...

Makes me want to boycott TV. I probably should, just think how much more productive I'd be!!

I don't feel much better now that I'm home, but I'll save that for another time ;)


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