Monday, February 27, 2006

Back to Reality

And it's not pretty.

Tom and I had a good time at the beach this weekend. We missed the kiddos, but were not looking forward to coming home to our not clean house. So we spent a little time right when we got home cleaning up the kitchen and living room, and Jake and Tom spent some time trying to go thru toys. It wasn't that sucessful, but they tried ;)

Only 3 weeks of classes yet. Makes me anxious. I have high B's/low A's in all of my classes, so there's no real chance of failure, but I want to get as many A's as I can, since I kinda sucked ass last term.

I just volunteered to be a student rep for our state RT society, and I'm joining the national society too. I figure it can't hurt to network and kiss ass, right?? For the student rep one, I only have to go to the meetings which are every month or so, and the other doesn't even have meetings locally. Debating going to the national conference in Denver (anywhere near EE or Janet??) in June. Happens to fall during our break.

Well off to finish this massive review exercise, nighty night!


Tink said...

Welcome back! They always go by too quickly. Congrats on almost being done with school. A's and B's? That's excellent!

EE said...

Mary, Denver is very close to Janet and I. Let us know when you come in, we could both meet up w/ you. It would be fun! :)

(p.s I sent you an email asking you about something earlier tonight)

Mary said...

Tink when I say almost done with school, it's only for this term ;) I'm just REALLY looking forward to a week off for spring break :) How is school going for you?

EE if I can come out for this conference, I'll definatly call you guys. It looks like it's June 9-13, but the stuff pertaining to me would only be the 9th and 10th. The only problem right now is that we won't finish that term until the 9th, so I'd have to get some sort of exception from the teacher to take finals a day early. I emailed ya back!

Carrie said...

Yay the beach! Where did you two love birds go??

Mary said...

We stayed at the surf rider inn just south of lincoln city. It was okay. The bed was really soft, so Tom's back was hurting. And of course it rained, but that was a given. I won $20 at the casino (could have kept winning more but someone wanted to leave) and that someone lost his $100 ;)

I heart blackjack.


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