Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My cuties

Clara: Where's daddy?
me: He's at a bike riding class (spinning)
Clara: oh COOOOOOL a bikariding class!
Jake: Is he going to see Lance Armstrong?
me: Only if he's lucky
Jake: When I grow up I'm going to race Lance Armstrong and I'm going to win.

Jake requests to watch old Tour DVD's before bed. He loves Lance. The first year Tom started riding again was the summer Jake turned 3. He once told me a story about putting his bike up on the bike rack like daddy's bike, going to race and winning the yellow jersey.

This spring Jake will be riding in his first offical event. He's ridden in the trailer before, but now we're getting a piccolo for him to ride behind Tom. We joked about getting a tandem for us, then hooking up the piccolo, then the trailer. We'd be longer than a freakin' triple trailer.


Tink said...

Awww! You need to get pictures of that.

Denise said...

What a cutie! I bet he'd do great racing Lance.

We want one of those for Ashton too. He's a trooper though. He rides the bike trails on his mega-trike with the big air tires. It's a crack-up.

Carrie said...

I heart Jake and Clara.

When are you guys coming up for a visit??


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