Monday, December 12, 2005

only 3 left

Took 2 tests today. 1 sucked ass. 200 questions, 3 hours, all on the computer. About an hour in to it (and about 120 questions in) I thought I was just going to get up and walk out. I got all antsy and couldn't focus. The last 1/2 sucked. I ended up getting 81%. The high was 93% and low 55%. Most people got in the 70's, so I'm happy. I didn't study as much as I intended, but had I studied more, I don't think I would have been reading the stuff we were tested on, so it's all good :) The second test today was okay, 100 questions, took me about 25 mins.

I am SO READY for Thursday. Maybe I'll go get wasted just for kicks. Yeah, probably not.

6/03 moms I got my 2 frames from redbook. It took freaking long enough. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them though. I also got an order from and it has MIL's gifts, plus 2 little toys for Jake and Clara for their stockings.

MIL got the vsmile for Jake today, and if she can't find the Dora dollhouse (she still had 1 more costco to look at) then she's just going to have us buy it and she'll give us the money.

Now I feel like I need to get some 'big' gift for Clara, but I have no idea what. The Dora dollhouse was going to be her Santa gift. Jake's santa gift is the volano BC builder set. I tried to talk him in to the imaginext set, but no, he wants BC builder. He's also getting the shake and go speed track and the RH mini aquatic center (got it for 25% off on Saturday!). Clara only has a kitchen set to go with their kitchen, and 2 dora house dollhouses (normally $15 got em each for $10!!!).

We don't really have anymore money, so I guess we'll be fine with what we have. Okay that's bullshit. Tom will go out and rack up some cc debt because he has to get the kids their every wish. sigh.

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mama_tulip said...

81%! Good job, dude!


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