Thursday, December 15, 2005


I invented 3 new positions today, who's only cause is to up the radiation dosage to the patient. Really I just fucked up 3 out of my 6 views. I know none of this will make sense to anyone, but whatever. I had to do 3 views on the grader/assistant Heidi. I did a sholder view perfectly, a weight-bearing foot, lateral view perfectly; and an AP view of the foot weight bearing WRONG. I had no clue. But it wasn't a big deal, only worth 2 points. Then in the energized room I was supposed to take 3 views of the ankle, either using the phantom foot, or Annie the dummy. Somewhere along the way I screwed up, and started thinking foot instead of ankle.

I totally lost my cool because I felt utterly helpless and I had NO IDEA what to do. The program director, Stacey (who also teaches 2 of the classes) was doing this part of my exam. I started crying, after sitting there getting frustrated for a few minutes. I finally just took 2 shots, which I had no idea if they were wrong or not. Once I was done, Stacey explained what I should have done, said another student did the same thing, same mistakes, ect, and then I took a minute to feel better, then went and developed my films.

When I came out, I was feeling okay. Stacey made me feel better about my errors, so I went to finish the last part--critiquing my films and doing anatomy. I was doing okay, joking around, until Paula made a comment about it being okay, and so stressful and I started crying AGAIN. Ugh.

I didn't realize Stacey was standing behind me, and she said "Mary, it's okay. Really. My 2 best students pulled that chip and did exactly the same thing. You both had the same thought process, and got a little messed up. But it's okay." That made me feel a ton better--SHE CALLED ME ONE OF HER TWO BEST STUDENTS!

I know she could have said it just to make me feel better, but I'll pretend she meant it :)


Denise said...

(((Mary)))) Yay on being called one of the 2 best students.

Enjoy your break from class!!

mama_tulip said...

I'll bet she wasn't pretending, Mary. :)

Janet said...

(((Mary))) I bet it was very stressful. I am sure you are one of her best students!

Melissa said...

Am I the only one who thought she was talking about sex when she said she invented new positions?

And, oh my Mary, you're the best in the class! Good for you.

Mary said...

Thanks guys!!

And Melissa, didn't you know that x-ray techs do it in more than 400 positions? ha ha ha.

mama_tulip said...

No Melissa. I thought that too.

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