Wednesday, December 28, 2005

boob rant

Fuck. Why I can't I find a fucking bra that fits?!?!?! I ordered some bras from lane bryant the other day, and got them today. They're too small. None of the stores carry the larger sizes (go figure, a plus sized store NOT carrying bigger sized bras.......) so I get to return my purchase TO the store, then reorder new ones in a larger size. The last large size. So if they don't fit, I get to keep living with out a bra that fits right. Great.

I'm just having a terrific day so far.


geenalyn said...

i hate bra shopping...what i hate even more is that all the bras in our sizes are old lady ugly

Di said...

I TOTALLY know what you mean. I don't understand stores. I mean especially with all these girls getting big boobs you would think people would realize more and more people have bigger boobs. There are two stores I shop at (Mervyn's and Robinson's May, sometimes JC Penny's) but it is always hit and miss. Not to mention they are expensive. Oh the cute little one's that have panties to match are ALWAYS on sale.

Tink said...

Men invented bras. <--Problem pin-pointed. In a perfect world tampons would be cheap, bras would come in sizes that fit, there would be a cupcake tree in my backyard, and women would make MORE than men in the same job field.


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