Wednesday, December 07, 2005

2 down, 7ish to go

I had my physics final and A&P final today. I think I did okay on both. I took A&P first. It was about 70% reproduction, and 30% accumlative from the rest of the term. Good think I studied up on spermiogenesis, and spermatogenesis, and oogonia and oogenesis....We could have a 3x5 card with only text, no pics, and I forgot about it til this morning. So mine only had 1/2 of one side filled out. BUT there were 4 or 5 hormone questions I would have missed had I not had the info. So I rock for choosing the right stuff to right down. I need to get 55ish points out of a possible 106, and I know I did that. If I get atleast 80 I think I'll keep my B, so that actually happen!

For physics we just had 3 essay's each worth 100 points. The questions were just what I had predicted. A patient asked you "How does the machine create x-rays? How do the x-rays make the pictures? How can you control the picture?" I only needed 100 points between the 70 points extra credit I turned in last week and the 300 point final, so it's safe to say it's in the bag. I'm guessing I got a B in there too. So yay.

Next Monday is going to suck ass. We have group presentations first thing, mine is over Angiography and I have the 2 talk-a-lot people in my group. Then we have a 200 point, 3 hour Principles of Exposures test. This I'm kind of nervous about. All of the questions will be similar to what we will be asked on the registry test. After that we have a 100 point Positioning written test over the chest and ab region. I need to study for that too. Tuesday and Thursday I'll have practicals, one day over a chest or ab position, and the other extremities. Wednesday I'll have the 100 point Positioning 2 written over extremities. And we have a take home test due Tuesday, but it's over ethics and stuff, and will be easy, I just need to do it.

So there's my exciting last week of term. I'm so looking forward to my 2 weeks off. I'm just getting tired-tired of school, tired of 1/2 the students, tired of being a bitch all the time, tired of being TIRED. Next term is going to be a CAKEWALK compared to this one. I can't wait.

My big task in the next 3 weeks is to find daycare for Jake and Clara. I pulled them from their current center-Friday is their last day. My parents and sister will be watching them next week for my finals. I put in their apps at the montessori school today, but they won't know for atleast a week if they will have openings or not. I contacted both of the YMCA centers, and both have openings. I just need to see about maybe getting some daycare assistance. The YMCA is cool like that...

The Office this week was hilarious. That's my new favorite show. I want something more to happen with Pam and Jim but I doubt it ever will. sigh. I got my hopes up when they kissed in I think the 1st episode this season. Oh well. I'll keep watching :)

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mama_tulip said...

You deserve 2 weeks off Mary! Enjoy them. :)


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