Thursday, November 17, 2005

No more TV

Seriously. I cry way too easily. CSI made me cry at the end when Brass was hugging the lady he widowed (on accident of course). And then Without a Trace made me cry twice. I am not looking forward to having teenagers. Thank God I still have 8 years til Jake is 12...

YAY today was my Friday. But I'll be spending most of the day tomorrow doing homework. I'm going to try to meet with one of my teachers to discuss some homework shit, and then get together with a friend from A&P to start our study questions (19 for a whopping 5 points of extra credit....).

I think I've gotten too comfortable at school. I feel these huge extremes. Either I'm(all of us) are really stressed out, or we're all hang-loosey and goofing around. But I have a hard time determining where the line is, and not crossing it. I think this partly has to do with my 'dry' sense of humor and lots of use of sarcasm. So next week I'm going to make an effort to really be aware of what I say and how I say it. No one has said anything to me or anything, or is acting differently, but it's just. I dunno. Maybe I'm feeling this way because I feel that about one or two people that I interact with.

Total LOL thing happened today. I walked in to my A&P class and there were only 3 or 4 of us there. I look over and there is this guy just sitting there with his chin to his chest TOTALLY asleep. The class kept coming in, and the teacher came in. We were all talking and trying not to laugh TOO loudly about it. My teacher even went and got the teacher from the previous class who confirmed it was his student, then walked out. Finally one of the loud mouth paramendic wanna be's came in, I told him to go wake him up. Rich walked over and shook him "hey man are you okay?" the guy kinda startled and looked around "I think you're late for your next class" The rest of us were trying not to laugh (audibly) so hard. It was great. And of course the first thing Rich asked about was being okay, so I guess that means he'll be a good paramedic ;)


mama_tulip said...

Don't feel bad Mary. ER made me tear up last night. :)

Janet said...

I stopped watching ER for that very reason! I couldn't stand crying right before going to sleep!

Too funny about the guy sleeping in class! LOL

mama_tulip said...

I wondered this morning if that episode of ER was the reason why I had such a bad dream about Julia.


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