Saturday, November 26, 2005

I'm a killer

Today I drove down to Albany to visit my aunts and my grandma. On the way their, I'm going about 70, there was a lot of traffic, but everyone seemed to be going 65-75. I see the car that is in front of me, but in the right lane break and swerve slightly. So I slow down, then I see a blue heron teetering around on the middle dotted line, then in slow motion walk out right in front of my car. I saw it happening, and let out this really odd moan, then screamed when I hit it. The Ford Explorer behind me was showered in feathers.

I was crying and Clara was crying because I was, and Jake kept asking what happened. My mom told him a bird got lost, so he asked if I squished it. Then he said his heart was sad, and HE was almost crying.

I felt horrible. I STILL feel horrible. Poor, lost, pretty, blue heron :(

(on a side note Tom almost hit a PERSON today. We were about to get on to I-5 off of a highway, so going about 50, when this guy tried to cross the highway and ALMOST walked in to our van. Luckily there was no one in the lane next to us, cuz Tom had to swerve way over. We hadn't seen the stupid fucker since it was really dark out, no street lights on this section of road, no bike lane, no sidewalk, and stupid fucker's friend had just ran across the 6 lane highway a bit in front of us. So we were commenting about the idiot not walking down to the crosswalk, when we almost clipped the stupid fucker. Great day today. I don't want to drive anymore...)


mama_tulip said...

((Mary)) I hit a raccoon once and felt pretty bad about it. It sucked.

Janet said...

(((Mary))) I hit a prairie dog once and I still remember it. It was sad.

Mary said...

I've decided the fact I thought it was tramatic makes me a normal human being :)

Thanks chickies (((HUGS to the birds, racoons, and prairie dogs)))

Simon Langer said...

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