Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Opps I got all lazy

I totally forgot to post at all. Oh well. No harm, no foul, right? Not that anyone reads this, so it really IS just mindless jabber.

My feet hurt. Everytime I become a slacker and only exercise every 3 or 4 days instead of everyday or every other, my feet start to hurt. It felt good to go tonight, I hadn't gone since Thursday. Man I suck. Kim and I made plans to go Wednesday and Thursday nights as well. Then Tom leaves on Friday for STP so I won't be able to go Friday or Saturday, and Sunday I run in Portland with my crew. Right now Kim and I are planning on doing Run for the Arts (checkout activesalem.com) on the 16th, it's a 5k and only like $10 to enter. Then I am doing the Nike Run Hit Wonder on the 24th, I'm doing a 10k for that. Supposedly that run kicks ass, so I'm really looking forward to it. The Donnas, and Fountain of Wayne are going to be preforming.

Ooooh I'm also going to a 24 hour scrapbooking thing on the 22-23. It's with croptime.com and they are an awesome company. They do retreats about once or twice a month thruout oregon and washington. Laura, the gal who runs it, is so sweet, and both times I've gone to her events, I had a blast. They do a special that is $50 for 24 hours instead of $300+ for the whole weekend. This way you don't get a hotel room, and only one meal, but it's perfect--I get time away for ME, and it's cheap. And I get alot of scrapping done :) I'm trying to plan out a time I can go for the whole weekend, and it's looking like the Hood River retreat on 9.30 might be a possibility. I just need to find someone to room with, it's $90 cheaper to go that way, only $320 isntead of $410.

fingers crossed about the rad tech program--I find out in 1.5 weeks if I get in. It's killing me having to wait for so long.......

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